Otter's can stay submerged for 4 minutes and reach speeds of 12km/hour underwater. They can out run a man on land.

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Otter Vacuum Systems

Otter Vacuum Systems are the JETS™ AS UK distributor for the Land & Transport market.

Patented in 1986, the JETS™ Vacuumarator® is a vacuum pump with built-on macerator which, coupled with the JETS™ Vacuum toilets, give you a hygenic and environmentally friendly toilet system, with low water and power use. JETS™ have a continuing programme of development and the latest and most efficient pump was introduced in 2006.

Our experienced staff at Otter Vacuum Systems is able to provide information and practical help from your first contact with us to the completion of your order. We offer a personal and professional level of service with attention to detail and the correct interpretation of our clients' needs and wishes.

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